Increase Your Revenue

If your schools’ budget is lacking, any support a booster club can provide can prove pretty valuable. And here’s some good news: We can help your booster club increase revenue by building you an online store you can use to sell your spirit wear and gear!

Click this screenshot to visit one of the stores we’ve built.

We know the challenges many booster clubs face—i.e., high turnover, tight budgets, non-technically oriented members—and we came up with a store-installation service that addresses them all. First, we handle all aspects of the install so you don’t have to worry about any of it, including acquiring your URL, setting up your site’s hosting plan, installing the store from top to bottom and loading your products into the store.

Second, we not only walk you step-by-step through how you operate the store (e.g., processing orders, adding new products, etc.), we also offer training documents covering the same info. This ensures other club members will be able to continue running the store if/when your club experiences some turnover.

Third, we offer several support options, just in case. These options include extensive software documentation, and a support ticket system you can use to ask our support staff questions and request help.

Finally, we’ve not only made our service affordable, we offer two pricing plans, too—simply pick the one that works best for your booster club, and you’re on your way!